Pickleball at Rarity Bay

Pickleball at Rarity Bay The residents of Rarity Bay are enjoying pickleball with breathtaking mountain and lake views. Pickleball – one of the fastest growing games in the nation! Because of the excitement and interest in this new activity, Rarity Bay Country Club (RBCC) built and unveiled four new pickleball courts in November 2017. The game has quickly gained traction with our Members and is now one of the most popular activities offered in Rarity Bay. Residents are turning to pickleball for their health and social needs. This high energy game can be enjoyed with friends and family. It’s easy for beginners to learn but action packed enough for experienced players. Rarity Bay Pickleball Club (RBPC) and “Dink & Dine” In April of 2018, along with the formation of the RBPC, a new Thursday evening event called “Dink & Dine” was created. Dink & Dine was formed as a community wide social event to encourage pickleball play in a relaxed, inclusive format. It’s a great way to meet new neighbors on the courts followed by social time in The Bay Bistro. With the RBPC boasting over 80 members, the inaugural year for Dink & Dine has been very successful.  

RB Pickleball Club's Annual Meeting/Dink & Dine

April 6, 2019

The Rarity Bay Pickleball Club held their Annual Meeting after Dink & Dine at The Bay Bistro last Thursday evening. They recognized the 2018 Pickleball Club Board for their hard work and dedication to the Pickleball community here at Rarity Bay. They also appointed their new 2019 Pickleball Club President and board members. We would like to thank the Pickleball Club Boards (past & present) for their hard work and efforts in making Pickleball at Rarity Bay a fun and social sport.